Curriculum Vitae

Miguel Bayón Arbesú

Updated on October 1st, 2017

Basic information


  • Oviedo University, Spain - Computer Engineering Degree (2012-)
    I'm currently working on my final project, related to artificial inteligence. I hope to be able to present it and graduate in January. My current average grade is 7.1 of 10.

Employment History

  • Oviedo University - Computer services (2016-)
    We are in charge of the maintenance and care, next to the system administrators, of the computer infrastructure of the University.

  • Freelance - Graphic designer and web developer(2007-)
    For a decade I have been training in this area and I work on projects with little local companies.


  • English Ability
    I passed with distinction the Preliminary English Test of Cambridge School (162/170), which accredited me with a B2 level in the Spanish scale.

  • Computer Skills
    In the degree, the main programming languages were Java and C. But we also achieve aptitudes in SQL for databases, HTML5/CSS3 for web developing (also JS, Java EE, PHP) and also we use C#, R, matlab, Python, Scheme...

  • Design Skills
    My main design program it's Photoshop, but I also use Illustrator for detailed vector work.

  • Interests
    Outside my final project, I continue learning English and I'm preparing the ITIL foundations certificate. But in a more out-of-work way, I like to draw, read (about science above all) and I am a cinema-lover.